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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley

From "A Modern Xmas Carol" by Lorin Killoy:

Brian was not dead; There is no doubt whatever about that. Brian was very much alive, and he was the World's Greatest Husband to Lori. 
    When the two met in college, Lori told Brian that she had epilepsy and what to do if she had a seizure. Three years later when Lori did have a seizure, Brian not only remembered what first aid to administer, but he also remembered to note what happened to Lori during the seizure so she could tell her doctor for proper diagnosis and prognosis. Although the medicine prescribed controlled the seizures, the pills made Lori confused, and Brian patiently helped her adjust to her new medication. He also drove her wherever she needed to go, including to the department of motor vehicles to surrender her drivers license, as the law required her to do after a seizure.
    Lori resumed her undergraduate studies seven years after quitting college because she was working on campus anyway and wanted to finish her BA. Lori went to school part-time while working full-time because their finances required it, and even paying part-time tuition was difficult for their limited budget. Not only did Brian put up with the added financial burden, he set up a computer for Lori in a corner of their basement so she could do her homework in peace. Sometimes he was lonely when she'd sequester herself for hours at a time, but when she finally graduated after three years of very hard work, Lori bought Brian a special certificate of gratitude to thank him the most. 
    When Lori's parents died twelve days apart after long illnesses, Brian was there with hugs and sympathy. He stood next to her and her older siblings during the four-hour visitation and wake, then attended the double funeral the next day. He held her as she cried, and listened as she told the same stories over and over again about her parents, especially her beloved Poppy for Lori was a Daddy's Girl.